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Ox and Stone Crickets

Sometimes I like to live on the wild side and trying the fried crickets at Ox and Stone last week certainly fit the bill. My brother had talked of them often. He is more daring than I am and had tried ordering them on a number of occasions, but was disappointed when they were already sold out. Who knew the same food I used to feed my bearded dragon were such a Rochester commodity?

There were plenty of “Chapulines” on hand last week and the order put in by our delightful waiter. We sipped our cocktails in anticipation. Out they came served up on a small plate and there was no mistaking what we were about to eat. My brother’s wife admitted that she’d hoped they would have been a little less obvious so she could pretend they weren’t insects. I’d secretly been hoping that too. But no. There was a plate full of crickets.

My brother, bold as he is, grabbed a pinch of them and dropped them happily in his mouth. “Tastes like chicken” he joked. They do not taste like chicken. I grabbed one, contemplated for a moment that I was about to eat an insect and then just went for it. It tasted sort of like a chipotle-lime flavored funyon. It was good!

I had trouble disconnecting myself from being creeped out by the thought of tossing in these gross creatures into my mouth. Because I do, in fact, think grasshoppers are gross. As a pre-dinner snack, however, they are quite delicious! Perhaps my bearded dragon was onto something.

Ox and Stone makes them with a smoked chipotle-lime salt, which dominates the flavor and the crickets offer a light, airy crunch. My brother and I shared most of the plate and I was glad I’d been daring enough to try them.

ox and stone crickets

The Breakdown:

The “Chapulines” are on the tapas menu and are $5. Totally worth it.

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