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Visit Rochester: An Itinerary

A few weeks ago I had a Texan friend come visit me here in the Roc. It was the perfect time for her to visit because central Texas has nothing like the kind of fall we are so lucky to have here in upstate, NY. Like any Rochesterian, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to show off this most wonderful city and all the wonderful fall activities it has to offer. She flew in and out of Buffalo and our itinerary went as follows:

Day 1:

Airport pick up at noon. Consume previously purchased bagels from Bagel Land.

Visit Niagara Falls

Take Rt 104 back and stop at Hurd Orchards for apple picking.

Dinner at Owl House (order mulled cider!)

Day 2:

Walk down Park Ave and have breakfast at The Frog Pond (Order meal plus a side of chocolate chip pancake as per usual).

Day trip to Letchworth State Park to hike and enjoy foliage.

Dinner at Wegmans (of course!)

Consume local brews with friends at Roc Brewing Company.

Day 3:


Parkleigh (need at least an hour here. Probably more)

Lunch at Hogan’s Hideaway

The Strong: National Museum of Play including butterfly garden.

Walk to Javas for necessary caffeine fix then go next door and show off Eastman School and Theater.

Cocktails at Ox and Stone

Day 4:

Public Market (coffee from Javas and cider donuts from Duke’s Donuts)

Breakfast at Village Bakery .

Get coffee to go and walk next door to West Elm to enjoy local artist.

Visit Powers Farm Market and walk through tipis.

Walk along the canal at Schoen Place with time to kill.

Drop off at airport in Buffalo


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